Our Philosophy

We believe in helping our patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health with maximum comfort, function, and esthetics. After performing a comprehensive examination, we help our patients understand their current condition and discuss the risks and benefits of any future treatment. We offer the latest in multidisciplinary, restorative and preventive care appropriate to our patients' level of appreciation, understanding, and need.

We provide an environment where our team engages our patients in experiencing dental diagnosis and treatment with an unparalleled combination of love, dedication, expertise and passion. We place a high emphasis on prevention and listening to our patients concerns. Once our patients understand all their options, we are convinced they will select the appropriate treatment that is best for them.

Intuitively, most people understand that the highest quality, lowest cost, long-term health care comes with prevention and excellent definitive treatment when appropriate. It is in everyone's best interest to become proactive regarding their dental health, in order to prevent disease, rather than wait until emergency services are necessary. When teeth are fixed one tooth at a time over many years, it is not uncommon to have a hodge-podge that is prone to crisis instead of a well-orchestrated plan. We believe in helping people redefine what their long-term plan is for their mouth and help them achieve it with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

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